111 Easgle Street Cladding

The 111 Eagle Street building in Brisbane is currently undergoing a significant upgrade to its exterior cladding. The project aimed to replace the old combustible cladding with a new non-combustible material, Dekton, in order to improve the building’s fire safety and meet current building codes. To support the new cladding, the building’s facade was outfitted with our Nvelope NV3, an engineered facade fixing system that uses concealed technology and Fischer undercut anchors. These anchors are designed to provide a secure and stable concealed fixing point. 

The Nvelope NV3 system is an innovative and advanced facade fixing solution that is engineered to support facade panels securely and discreetly, which is crucial for non-combustible materials like Dekton. This system helped the 111 Eagle Street project to meet the current building codes and improve the fire safety of the building. 

As the construction industry continues to evolve and prioritise safety and sustainability, innovative products like Nvelope and Fischer undercut anchors are playing a crucial role in supporting the development of cutting-edge projects. 


Project Name: 111 Eagle Street Brisbane 
Head Contractor/Builder: Built 
Façade Engineer: BG&E Façade
Cladding Type/Brand: Dekton by Cosentino 

DCTech Products Used:
Nvelope NV3
Fischer Concealed Anchors

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