Suspended soffit system is suitable for face fixed cladding applications. NS1 can also support our NV3 rail for concealed fix soffit applications.



NVELOPE NS1 Soffit system is suitable for face fixed applications, with a maximum panel weight of 75kg/m2.

Often soffits are not insulated but if thermal bridging is an issue, flat plastic isolators can be supplied to stop thermal bridging and bimetallic corrosion.

NVELOPE T rails are fixed to the bottom of the down standing L rails where panel joints occur; available in 100mm, 120mm face widths. L rail support for intermediate and end positions.

DCT Nvelope hold extensive stock of the L60-40-2.2 and T rails that can be cut in house resulting in quick delivery to site. This system can be used to create sloping soffits by special cutting to suit the angle.

NS1 can also be used as the base system for NV3 concealed soffit fixing of cladding panels.



Need more system info? Download our detailed system drawings, installation guides and associated data sheets.

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The selection of materials to use in the construction of a subframe system within a rainscreen façade is of paramount importance. Material choice can also affect the thermal performance of the overall rainscreen in addition to engineering assurance.