Closed State Cavity Fire Barriers

Tenmat NVFB range of vertical (non-ventilated) closed state cavity fire barriers for facade cladding applications. Cavity sizes ranging from 10mm to 600mm.

DCT Tenmat NVFB (Non-Ventilated Cavity Barrier)

Product Description

Tenmat’s NVFB Vertical (Non-Ventilated) Closed State Cavity Fire Barriers, are manufactured from stone mineral wool, tested to AS1530.4 and are designed to maintain fire resisting performance to external wall cavities.

The NVFB can provide effective fire resistance, for integrity and insulation for up to 120 minutes, depending upon the orientation of the NVFB and the construction of the external walls.

Tenmat NVFB is supplied cut to size to suit the cavity width. It is supplied as plain stone mineral wool as standard and can also be supplied with foil encapsulation or with an integral DPC.

The NVFB is designed for use within cavities up to 600mm wide and only requires 5mm of compression when fitting.