Economical and safe, thermally broken cladding support systems essential for architects and installers

At Nvelope we ensure that our rainscreen support solutions make the life of the architect and the installer easier and more time effective. We have been involved in rainscreen support systems for more than twenty years.

We are focused on staying ahead of the curve and invest in anticipating ‘what next’. We listen to our architectural and our installer customers.


Nvelope® vertical brackets are integral to Nvelope® cladding systems, offered in 40 – 300mm height options, categorized as single and double…

Rails & Fixings

A comprehensive range of range of Nvelope brackets, L/T rails, carrier rails and associated hangers. For both face fixed and concealed fixed cladding applications…


Nvelope Rainscreen Cladding systems simplifies the complexity of modern building facades using a unique ‘helping hand’ bracketing system which is fixed to the substrate…

Control Layers

Building control layers are essential components that regulate temperature, moisture, and air within a structure, ensuring comfort, efficiency, and long-term durability… 

Our Project builder

Specify a project specific exterior rainscreen cladding systems solution.

The requirements for each façade and cladding system are always different and depend on factors such as local wind loads, height of the façade, substrate being fixed to, selected cladding material and the cladding zone. All NVELOPE cladding systems can be engineered to project specific requirements.

Project Showcase

NVELOPE are proud of the projects that we have been involved with.

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