Open State Cavity Fire Barriers​

Tenmat range of horizontal (ventilated) open state cavity fire barriers for facade cladding applications. Cavity sizes ranging from 10mm to 300mm.

Open State Cavity Fire Barriers

Product Description

The TENMAT Horizontal Open State Cavity Fire Barriers are a high expansion intumescent seals offering industry leading performance as a ventilated cavity fire barrier. Made from a rigid, high expansion intumescent strip, encased in aluminium foil, TENMAT FF102 & VFB range have undergone extensive fire testing, including TDG-19 and is suitable for use within the majority of construction types, enabling this versatile system to be specified with confidence and provide the installer with a simple, time saving and site friendly solution.

TENMAT Ventilated Fire Barriers have been independently fire tested and assessed by Warrington Fire.


The Tenmat range of open state cavity barriers can be fixed to non-combustible constructions such as brick, block, masonry and aerated concrete block, mineral fibre insulation on concrete or timber frame or directly to combustible timber frame construction.