ProctorPassive Rainscreen (RS-IT) & UV Tape​

High performance UV stable vapour permeable weather defense sarking membrane and associated tape for open or closed express joint rainscreen cladding applications.

ProctorPassive Rainscreen (RS-IT) & UV Tape

Product Description

ProctorPassive Rainscreen with Integrated Tape (RS-IT) is a two-layer vapour permeable membrane consisting of a spun-bonded polyester layer with a unique functional coating that offers improved resistance against UV and high temperatures up to 120°C.


Developed primarily as a vapour-permeable sarking for use in open joint rain screen applications, ProctorPassive RS-IT offers a combination of durability and high-water holdout without compromising vapour permeance.

ProctorPassive RS-IT is suitable for installation in vertical wall constructions behind ventilated facades with regularly spaced open joints no greater than 30mm wide accounting for no more than 30% of total surface area.

Associated tape

ProctorPassive UV Tape is a single-sided adhesive tape recommended for use with the ProctorPassive Rainscreen vapour permeable membrane.

The carrier of polyester spun bond with black functional coating offers long term UV resistance making the tape suitable for use in open joint rainscreen applications where used as directed.

The pressure-sensitive polyacrylate adhesive provides exceptionally high initial tack and permanent adhesion.