Surry Hills Village Concept Image

Project Showcase: Surry Hills Village

The Surry Hills Village Project is a transformative endeavor that promises to gentrify and revitalize the Surry Hills area. Spearheading the meticulous facade design is Apex Facade Design, ensuring both compliance with essential waterproofing standards and the implementation of a lightweight Empire click system instead of a traditional brick facade.

The project boasts multiple distinct structures, each serving a unique purpose with its own construction approach and facade aesthetic. The residential space stands as an impressive CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) structure, fortified against water intrusion by ProctorPassive Wraptite SA, while the facade substructure relies on the Nvelope NV1 sub framing system.

On the other hand, the Hotel and retail space embrace a combination of ProctorPassive Wraptite SA and ProctorPassive Rainscreen IT, showcasing a thoughtful blend of innovation and functionality.

The Surry Hills Village Project promises to be a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and practical solutions, breathing new life into this vibrant neighborhood.

Surry Hills Village Project Details

Sector: Commercial/ Residential
Installer: Sunny Interiors, DJD Brick & Blocklaying Pty Ltd
Builder: TOGA Group
Facade Engineer: Apex Facade Design
Cladding Type: Brick slip
Cladding: Brand: Empire Click

DCTech Products Used:
Nvelope NV1 
ProctorPassiveWraptite SA
ProctorPassive Rainscreen IT

Project Images

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