Novotel Tasmania Cladding Support

A new Novotel hotel in the heart of Hobart, a challenging project which pushed the boundaries of a conventional façade by introducing intersecting angled stone faces to create focal points and frame windows. The Original specified sandstone façade was upgraded to 12mm Consentino Dekton, with a sandstone surface, enabling larger more impressive panels to be […]

Project Showcase – Oran Park Leisure Centre

The pool structure is wrapped externally by ProctorWrap CW and internally with ProctorGeo Vap 120 to provide protection from water ingress as well as the corrosive nature of an indoor pool environment. The facade substructure relies on the Nvelope NV93 sub-framing system support planks of Equitone cladding.
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Project Showcase: Surry Hills Village

Project Showcase: Surry Hills Village The Surry Hills Village Project is a transformative endeavor that promises to gentrify and revitalize the Surry Hills area. Spearheading the meticulous facade design is Apex Facade Design, ensuring both compliance with essential waterproofing standards and the implementation of a lightweight Empire click system instead of a traditional brick facade. […]
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Nvelope NV3 One One One Eagle St Brisbane

The 111 Eagle Street building in Brisbane is currently undergoing a significant upgrade to its exterior cladding. The project aimed to replace the old combustible cladding with a new non-combustible material, Dekton, in order to improve the building’s fire safety and meet current building codes. To support the new cladding, the building’s facade was […]
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Walker St North Sydney, Cladding Support

DCT Nvelope NV2 was selected to reclad the exterior façade and internal foyer of this city office building. The large format Laminam porcelain ceramic façade panels were selected, and look amazing. Our Nvelope NVF2F was also installed in some tricky areas, where no support structure was available. The NVF2F allowed for floor-to-floor spans without […]
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Montefiore Aged Care Facility

This reclad project was meticulously executed by our friends at Goal Interiors. TTW assisted with design and NCC FP1.4 compliance. Waterproofing was achieved using our Proctor Passive Rainscreen-IT (RS-IT). The Equitone cladding was fixed using our SFS TUF-S concealed anchors on our NV3 Carrier rail. For more info one these products check out the […]
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