Welcome to our Project Showcase, a place where we post recent examples of DCTech Nvelope products in action. You’ll find tech notes and examples of solutions to condensation challenges, high performance thermal insulation installations, plus applications of our precision engineered façade sub-framing system. We always welcome contributions of stories and images from our clients. You can contact us and tell us about your experience using our products here.

Compliance & Comparison of Limited Combustability Sarking We often asked to provide a vapour permeable sarking membrane that is non-combustible and vapour permeable. We are still not aware of such a product that exists in Australia. Sarking products can be used in Type A or Type B wall constructions since... Read more
Project Showcase: Surry Hills Village The Surry Hills Village Project is a transformative endeavor that promises to gentrify and revitalize the Surry Hills area. Spearheading the meticulous facade design is Apex Facade Design, ensuring both compliance with essential waterproofing standards and the implementation of a lightweight Empire click system instead... Read more
The 111 Eagle Street building in Brisbane is currently undergoing a significant upgrade to its exterior cladding. The project aimed to replace the old combustible cladding with a new non-combustible material, Dekton, in order to improve the building's fire safety and meet current building codes. To support the new cladding,... Read more
DCT Nvelope NV2 was selected to reclad the exterior façade and internal foyer of this city office building. The large format Laminam porcelain ceramic façade panels were selected, and look amazing. Our Nvelope NVF2F was also installed in some tricky areas, where no support structure was available. The NVF2F allowed... Read more
This reclad project was meticulously executed by our friends at Goal Interiors. TTW assisted with design and NCC FP1.4 compliance. Waterproofing was achieved using our Proctor Passive Rainscreen-IT (RS-IT). The Equitone cladding was fixed using our SFS TUF-S concealed anchors on our NV3 Carrier rail. For more info one these... Read more
Outsulation, Insulation for cool temperate and cold climates  The Cool Climate Condensation Challenge  Structures in cold and cooler temperate Australian climates, such as those in Tasmania and Victoria have traditionally been poorly insulted by placing insulation exclusively on the inside of the walls, floor, and roof. This technique is a... Read more
Nvelope NV1 was the framing of choice supporting the Corium brick slip façade by PGH Bricks & Pavers . The adjustability of the system made easy work of a complexities of this façade. This wall is hiding some additional smarts too. All exposed concrete, including spandrels are thermally insulated from [...] The... Read more
Air tightness without compromising vapour permeance Independent testing body confirms exceptional ProctorPassive Wraptite airtightness performance. ProctorPassive Wraptite has been supplied in Australia since 2012 and is still the only AS4200.1:2017 tested self adhered class 4 vapour permeable pliable membrane on the market. ProctorPassive Wraptite, has successfully undergone independent testing [...]... Read more
Galvanic Corrosion Galvanic Corrosion is a process of when two different metals of equal surface area are combined in the presence of an electrolyte (a fluid that conducts electricity). Hydrogen is absorbed at the cathode and a current flows, thus the less noble metal migrates into the solution (the 'anode'... Read more
Non-Combustible External Walls - Solutions for new buildings and rectification There is an increasing awareness that walls built prior to NCC 2019 are exhibiting moisture problems related to condensation. Furthermore, the thermal performance of many buildings is not meeting consumer expectations or the modelling used to design them. This is... Read more
The Extrovert This week’s wall DCT-W07-4 is certainly not afraid to put it all out there, wearing the DCT non-combustible Vulcanwool insulation on the outside exposing itself to a vented rainscreen cavity. The class 4 vapour permeable, self adhered weather resistant barrier, ProctorPassive Wraptite SA adds more than just bright splash... Read more
Introduction One of the most common enquiries we get asked is how to effectively insulate a single skin masonry wall or how to rectify one that has moisture or sinister odours emerging from behind the plasterboard lining. Since NCC 2016 Amendment 1 clarified the requirement for all elements of type... Read more
Another great example of how its done. The crew from Casello excelled on this one. Our Nvelope NV1 system was used to face fix the Rieder öko skin, glass reinforced concrete (GRC) cladding panels to the cast concrete building substrate. Our engineered VB "helping hand" brackets sped up installation time... Read more
Introduction This technical note provides details of the Nvelope framing system, the Nvelope Thermal Gasket, its R-value and its relevance to the NCC 2019 Section J. Requirements of NCC 2019 Section J0.5(c). As can be seen in J0.5 (a) a thermal break is required only where “a wall lining that... Read more
Melbourne Airport T2 Arrivals Hall With current travel restrictions in place, it's a shame we can't all enjoy the new arrivals hall situated in the T2 terminal of Melbourne airport. ARC Plaster, guided by our Victorian distributor CSP Architectural, showed us how easy it is to install this complex angled... Read more
Cladding must be removed as 'a priority', Grenfell fire expert says Flammable cladding must be urgently removed from Melbourne’s skyscrapers, says the engineer the British government turned to in the wake of the deadly Grenfell blaze. Dame Judith Hackitt spent a year investigating Britain's building regulations and fire laws after... Read more